Legal Notice

Ownership of the website

For the purposes of the Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce (LSSI) we inform you that the proprietor of this Webpage is Nutreco Animal Nutrition Iberia, S.A.U. Single Member Company (hereafter, OCEAN), with registered office at Ronda de Poniente no. 9, 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid, entered in Madrid Mercantile Registry at Tome 10032. Folio 122, Sheet no: M-91135 – Taxpayer Id. no.: A-58596628, and authorised by the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Agriculture (authorisation no. αESP28000360), providing its services, information and contents on Internet through the pages in its ownership:

You can contact OCEAN in an effective and direct way by writing to e-mail address: or by calling telephone number: +34 918 075 410. The address for purposes of claims will be that indicated as the registered office of OCEAN. This document, which constitutes a Legal Notice, regulates the access to, browsing and use of webpages or websites in the ownership of Nutreco Animal Nutrition Iberia, S.A.U. (identified, without distinction, as “the Website” in this Legal Notice) and available to the users of Internet.


This Legal Notice by OCEAN is relevant in relation to the Website and, specifically, the services, products, contents and functions offered and presented there. For more than 50 years Nanta has been making feeds for all kinds of livestock animals and pets. Today it is the leading company in animal nutrition in the Iberian Peninsula due to its potential for production, marketing, and service. Its R&D&I takes the form of developing innovative programmes and products and predictive modelling, all of which are fundamental tools in optimising production and profitability in livestock farming. The company belongs to the Dutch holding company Nutreco NV (a multinational dedicated to activities for animal nutrition and fish food), on the organisational level its activities are developed within the group as part of the Agriculture business unit ( – hereafter, “Nutreco”). Nutreco, in turn, belongs to the enterprise SHV Holdings NV ( – hereafter, “SHV”).

Simply accessing the Website attributes to anyone who does so the position of Website User (hereafter, “the User”).  Use of the Website does not require the User to be registered in order to visualise the contents and/or use the functions and services offered. Access to, browsing and use of the Website implies the User’s acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice, which are of the same validity and effectiveness as any contract that may have been entered into in writing and signed. The User undertakes to read carefully all the conditions included in this document on each occasion when proposing to use the Website, since there may be changes. This said, having been informed, knowledge of this text and compliance with it will be demandable with regard to any User who accesses, browses and uses the Website. If you do not agree with the terms set out, do not access, browse or use the Website from now on. In the case of non-compliance with the terms of this Legal Notice, the User will be responsible for any loss and/or damages that may arise, directly or indirectly, for OCEAN or any of the companies belonging to Nutreco and/or SHV. 

Purpose and ambit of application

OCEAN offers on the Website, free of charge, information relating to its type of activity, products and services, that information therefore being considered as a form of introduction. This Legal Notice includes clauses relating to the conditions of use that regulate the User’s access to all the services, product information and contents that OCEAN offers through its Website. At the same time, it regulates their use by the User. Taking the above into account, OCEAN reserves the right to change the content of the Website, as well as its configuration, distribution, presentation and the conditions required for its access and/or use. Access and use of the contents and services after alterations or changes in the conditions have come into effect means their acceptance. Accessing, browsing and using this Website is understood, involves and implies the User’s acceptance of this Legal Notice, including the clauses relating to use and included.

Conditions of access to the website

As a general matter, for simple access to the “Home” or main page of the Website and to the services and the informative and explanatory contents provided by OCEAN, it will not be necessary for the User to be registered. However, the use of certain services and contents can be conditional on the User being registered in advance.

Industrial and intellectual property

All the contents of the Website, understood, simply for example, as the texts, photographs, graphics, images,  icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound contents, as well as the rest of the elements forming it, its structure, design, source code, logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs that appear on it (hereafter, the “Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights”), are in the ownership of OCEAN, or of third parties that have given consent for their use by OCEAN, and are protected by the relevant industrial and intellectual property rights. The logos and/or trademarks of OCEAN or any of the Group companies are duly registered. OCEAN reserves the right to take the appropriate legal actions for the defence of its legitimate rights and interests in the case of an infringement of its Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights. OCEAN prohibits the copying, duplication, redistribution, marketing or any other activity that can be carried out with the contents of the Website (texts, images, voices and/or structure), except with written consent from OCEAN. The Website is governed by Spanish law and the legislation applicable, national, European and international, on intellectual and industrial property. In no way can it be understood, or concluded, that mere access and browsing on the Website by the User implies a waiver, transfer, licence or assignment of any of those rights, either total or partial, by OCEAN. OCEAN declares its respect for the Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights of third parties. If you consider that the Website could be infringing your rights, please contact us at e-mail: 

Standards of use, guarantees and liability

The User undertakes to use the Website in accordance and conformity with the Law and this Legal Notice. The User, in browsing and using the Website, states that these conditions are accepted and therefore undertakes not to transfer, disclose or make available to third parties through this Website, or in relation with it, any kind of material that in any form or mode is contrary to current legislation. The User also undertakes to refrain from using the Website for ends or purposes that are illicit or contrary to what is established in this document. OCEAN will not accept any liability for loss and/or damages that could arise as a consequence of access to, use or misuse of the contents of the Website. The User’s access does not mean that OCEAN has any obligation to monitor the absence of viruses, worms or any other damaging computer element. The User, in any case, is responsible for the availability of adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of damaging computer programmes. OCEAN is not liable for any damage produced in the User’s software and computer equipment or that of third parties during their use of the services offered on the Website. OCEAN is not liable for loss and damages of any kind caused to the User that may be the result of faults or disconnections in the telecommunications networks producing a suspension, cancelation or interruption of the Website service during supply or previous to it. OCEAN does not previously control, approve or endorse the contents, services, opinions, communications, data, archives, products and any kind of information on third parties, natural or legal persons, included on the Website. In the same way, it does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness and topicality of the contents, information and services of third parties on the Website. OCEAN will not be liable, either directly, indirectly or subsidiarily for loss and damages of any kind arising from negligent or malicious use of the e-mail accounts used for any type of insertion, communication, management or action on the Website. The exemption from liability indicated in the above paragraphs will be of application in the case that OCEAN has no effective knowledge that the activity or the information stored is unlawful or that it damages goods or rights of a third party susceptible of compensation, or, if there should be, that it acts with diligence to remove the data and contents or make access to them impossible. For its part, OCEAN will not be liable for any loss that may arise in relation to the use of this Website or of links to other sites that are contained in it. Nor will OCEAN be liable in cases of faults, error, interruption, delay in transmission, computer virus, system or line failure and/or anything else of that kind that could occur. OCEAN is not responsible for contents, accuracy and opinions expressed on the Website or on those others that are accessed through the links included on this site.

Licence on communications

In the actual case that the User sends information of any kind to OCEAN through the Website, through the routes, methods and channels available for the purpose, the User declares, guarantees and accepts that he has the right to do so freely, and that such information does not infringe any Industrial and Intellectual Property Right, or any other third party right. Again, and in the sense of the above, the User declares, guarantees and accepts that such information is not of a confidential character and that such information is not prejudicial to third parties. The User acknowledges accepting responsibility and will keep OCEAN indemnified for any communication that is supplied personally or in its name, such responsibility extending without any restriction to its accuracy, legality, originality and ownership.

Links and hyperlinks

  1. a) Links to other websites:

In the event that the User may find on the Website links to other websites by means of different buttons, links, banners, etc., these will be managed by third parties outside OCEAN. OCEAN has no power, nor the human or technical resources to examine, control and/or approve all the information, contents, products and services offered by the other websites with which this Website has links. As a result, the links contained on the Website can lead to the contents of third party websites. The purpose of these links is simply to facilitate the search for resources that may be of interest to you through Internet. The linked websites do not belong to OCEAN, and there is no review of their contents. For this reason, OCEAN cannot accept any kind of responsibility for the contents, information and services that may appear on those linked websites, which will be exclusively of an informative nature and in no case can mean any relationship between OCEAN and the persons or entities the owners of those contents or the owners of the websites where they are found. Again, OCEAN will not be liable for damages produced by the illegality, quality, lack of updates, unavailability, error or uselessness of the contents and/or services of linked websites or for any other damage that is not directly imputable to OCEAN. In the same sense, OCEAN cannot be made liable for the functioning of the linked website or possible damages that may arise from access to or the use of it. In no case does the existence of links to other websites presuppose the formalisation of agreements with the managers or proprietors of those sites, or any recommendation, promotion or identification of OCEAN with the statements, contents or services provided.

  1. b) Links to the OCEAN website:

The establishment of a link does not mean any kind of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation by OCEAN with respect to the page showing the link. The page that establishes the link cannot declare, or establish in any way, that OCEAN has authorised that link, unless OCEAN has done so expressly and in writing. OCEAN does not authorise the establishment of any link to this Website from those websites that contain information, material or contents that are illicit, illegal, discriminatory, degrading, obscene and, in general, contrary to the commonly accepted ethical principles, that contravene morality, public order, the social standards generally accepted or those that contain contents contrary to any third party rights. OCEAN has no power, nor the human or technical resources to examine, control and/or approve all the information, contents, products and services offered by other websites that arrange, establish and facilitate links to this Website. OCEAN is not responsible in any way nor does it guarantee the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of contents or services that the establishment of the link from a third party website may offer. The User accepts exclusive responsibility for the consequences, damage or actions that may arise from access to the hyperlink website. The link must carry the User, by a “click”, to the proper URL address of the OCEAN Website, through a complete and absolute link. It must cover completely the whole extension of the “Home” screen or Main Page of this Website. In no case, except with express written authorisation from OCEAN, can the website that makes the link reproduce, in any way, the OCEAN Website, include it as part of that web or in one of their “frames” or create a browser on any of the OCEAN Website pages. If the entity, user or website that makes the link from its page to the OCEAN Website in a correct manner wishes to include in its webpage the trademark, name, trading name, sign, logo, slogan or any other kind of element identifying OCEAN and/or its Website, it must previously obtain OCEAN’s express written authorisation. The link can only lead to the Main Page or “Home” of this Website or the specific Pages for which the link is enabled, unless there is express written authorisation by OCEAN. OCEAN does not accept any kind of responsibility for any aspect relating to the website that establishes that link leading to the OCEAN Website and, specifically, as an indication and not exhaustive: (i) its functioning; (ii) access; (iii) data; (iv) information; (v) archives; (vi) quality and reliability of its services and products; (vii) its own links and/or any of its contents, in general. 

Duration and alteration

OCEAN can change the conditions established here, totally or partially, always publishing any change in the same way as this Legal Notice appears, or with some kind of communication addressed expressly and directly to the User. The validity in time of this Legal Notice coincides, therefore, with the period for which it is displayed, until it is altered either totally or partially, at which point the amended and newly displayed Legal Notice will become valid, posted and published.  Independently of what is set out in this document, OCEAN can at any time terminate, suspend or interrupt, without any need for notice, access to the contents of the page, with no possibility for the User to demand any compensation. After such eventuality, the prohibitions on the use of contents set out above will remain valid.

General clause

The titles of each and every one of the clauses of this Legal Notice are merely for information and do not qualify, extend or affect their interpretation. In the case that any provision or provisions of this Legal Notice should be considered null or inapplicable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative body, that nullity or inapplicability will not affect the other provisions of the Legal Notice. That OCEAN does not exercise or implement any right or provision contained in this Legal Notice will not constitute a waiver of it, unless acknowledged and agreed in writing by OCEAN.

Law applicable and judicial competence

This Legal Notice is governed and interpreted in each and every one of its points, as well as anything not expressly established, in accordance with Spanish legislation. Also subject to the above will be the possible relationships that may be created between OCEAN and the User on the basis of the latter’s use of the Website. Due to the above, the Law applicable, in the case of any dispute or conflict over the interpretation of the terms comprised in this Legal Notice, will be Spanish legislation. For the resolution of any conflict that may arise from a visit to the Website, OCEAN and the User agree to submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, Spain.


If you have any questions about the conditions contained in this Legal Notice, or if you wish to make any suggestion or recommendation, please contact OCEAN through the following e-mail address:  

Date of the latest update of the Legal Notice: 5 Decemberr 2023