Beyond the words:
from saying to doing

Without healthy nature there can be no healthy food. It is all part of the same circle.

That’s why, at Ocean, we work not only on offering you the best food you can give your dog, but also so that in the whole process, from preparation to the product reaching your home and being eaten by your pet, we leave only the smallest possible impact.

A commitment to the planet

We believe that everyone has to make a commitment to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. The Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations show us the way to go. And at Ocean we make them our own.

For us it is essential to protect marine life if we want to preserve the health and survival of the planet. Because we are Ocean, and because we understand that without biodiversity there is no sustainability.

At Ocean we involve ourselves actively in the protection of biodiversity, using exclusively techniques of supply that are responsible and respectful with marine life and with the principles that we believe in.

Preserving the sea:
sustainable supplies

All the fish and shellfish that we use in our recipes are obtained through sustainable techniques of supply. Both where they come from fishing and where they come from aquiculture. Our practices are guaranteed by independent organisations such as MarinTrust and MSC, among others.

Packaging that is easy to recycle

We take care to ensure not only that our packaging is recyclable, but that also it can be recycled as easily, efficiently and cheaply as possible. For this reason, in contrast to most of the packaging on the market, which combines various types of plastic and makes the recycling process more difficult, our bags are made with a single material, 100% recyclable.